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Renault Sunday School | Les Cayes, Haiti

Serving Christ by Serving His Missionaries

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48 minutes ago

Agape Flights

Haiti Bible Mission
First of all... Thank you Agape Flights 🙌 !! The situation seems to have calmed down a little more here in Haiti. Port Au Prince is still experiencing some road blockage and pockets of unrest, however, things did not escalate! Please keep praying with us and we will have another update out again soon!
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13 hours ago

Agape Flights


We were advised by missionaries in Les Cayes and Jeremie that Sunday would be a quiet day in terms of the protests and rioting occurring in Haiti. So on Saturday Agape’s faithful loading crew, Flight Operations, and Missionary Services got to work to make sure that we could get a flight into Les Cayes and Jeremie on Sunday.

PRAISE GOD the flight went smoothly and the missionaries were able to meet the plane safely at the airports. We continue to pray for Haiti, its leadership, its people, and our missionary affiliates. Will you pray with us?

We are committed to a flight into the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic this week, and if reports on the situation in Haiti are favorable from our missionary affiliates, we will fly into Haiti again as well.

Thank you prayer warriors and financial partners. We appreciate you….as together, we help deliver LOVE FROM ABOVE! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Brian Knesal

I commend you for everything you do for the people.

That said there is NO justification to try to pull the government down. This is a political movement to try and change the government administration. My Haitian friends are unable to work, go out to buy food etc. because of the endless mob rule.their life's work is being destroyed by thugs which are being backed by an alternative political group which wants to come into power (they finished 3rd in the last election). People with businesses which are being vandalized, will not have the money to rebuild. Good Haitians fear for their lives. Their children are traumatized. Enough! Martin Luther King showed us how to effect change without violence. Sorry if I step on some toes. ... See MoreSee Less