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Renault Sunday School | Les Cayes, Haiti

Serving Christ by Serving His Missionaries

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We remember this day, January 12, 2010, when Haiti was shook by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. 300,000 precious people lost their lives as a result of this terrible disaster. As we have done for 37 years, and even today as our plane is flying home to Venice, Agape Flights responded and continues to respond, carrying hope and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ! ... See MoreSee Less


Please pray with us as we prepare for this week's mission flight. Thank you!!

Plane: N316AF

Thursday, January 11, 2017

Destination Local Time
Arrive Exuma 9:00am
Arrive Cap Haitien 11:45am
Arrive Les Cayes 1:30pm
Arrive Port au Prince 3:15pm
Arrive Santo Domingo 6:00pm

Friday, January 12, 2017

Unload DR cargo 9:00am
Arrive Sarasota 12:30pm
Arrive Venice 3:00pm
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Love this update from Agape Missionary Affiliate Dave & Ceres Stockeland serving in Haiti...

Dear Prayer-Partners,

"For God so loved the world that He...GAVE...His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). This most well known verse in all of the Bible, is the summary of the reason and spirit of Christmas...because God loved...He GAVE! And He gave the greatest gift of all...the opportunity to live with Him in heaven forever!

THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS: Last week Ceres and I were ministering out in mountain location. She was visiting widows and I had a meeting with a church board. When the church board meeting was over, I joined her in walking around and visiting some of the widows she cares for. There was this one little widow who was so particularly glad to see us. She is about four and a half feet tall, blind and partially crippled in her legs. She cannot walk to church, but she loves the Lord and rejoices in Him every day.

When we arrived, she was hugging us and thanking us for the new roof on her house. She had had a grass roof and it had blown off in the hurricane last year. It has been a long, slow process to get many of these small widow's houses repaired. Hers was finished not too long ago. As she was rejoicing, thanking the Lord and thanking us, she said this..."I never thought in my whole life that I would be able to sleep under a tin roof!" She has a dirt floor, she has woven sticks for walls and she sleeps on a bed of boards with old clothes for padding...but she was so thrilled to have a tin roof! I thought to myself...this is the spirit of Christmas! Out of love for the Lord, you people GAVE to help our ministry. This enabled us to GIVE this wonderful widow lady a new roof and this reminded us all that God loved us all so much that He GAVE His Son.

We thank the Lord...we thank you all.


Pastor Dave & Ceres ... See MoreSee Less